For the first time since its foundation, which took place 6 years ago, 424 presents its SS22 collection in digital format at Milan Fashion Week.

Inspired by Milton William "Bill" Cooper's masterpiece "Behold The Pale Horse", which marked a generation of Hip-Hop artists such as the Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac Shakur, Public Enemy and Busta Rhymes, Guillermo Andrade has the right ideas on what he wants to share, and through small and hidden references to the book he has chosen Milan as a stage.

When Californian comfort and practicality meet Italian tailoring, Guillermo's project takes shape, giving life to garments designed for everyday life, but still characterized by quality and refinement. Pieces such as relaxed tailored suits, denim and jersey trousers, coach jackets and flannel shirts are made up of a palette of autumn shades. Unmissable is the seasonal print t-shirt, this time featuring the American flag, an obsession for the designer.

The line is also told by Guillermo's younger brother, who through a video entitled "Reggie" shows some of the key pieces of the collection. Here below the video.



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