Les Vêtements de Football is a brand born from the mind of the fashion, streetstyle, art and design magazine NSS Mag. Vintage football t-shirts are brought back to life and screenprinted with ironically modified famous brands logos like Balenciagoal, Acab Studios, Vetements and mixed with some of the most famous football terms. Les Vêtements de Football starts from the basis of historical football jersey, that goes from 70s to 90s, with a focus on the Italian Football National Team. The idea of this collection is to tell the influences that the different generational subcultures had on the game’s aesthetic, shaping it according to the taste of the characters of those years. See the official lookbook below and tell us what you think in comments section!

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Photography Vincenzo Schioppa

Styling Walter D'Aprile

Models Enrico Cestaro - Jessy Deba - Federico Lo Presti

Production nss factory