10 minutes with

Dominic Chambrone - aka The Shoe Surgeon


Until some year ago, custom sneakers consisted of a pair of shoes painted in different color scheme from the original one or in some small adds like spikes, logos or finishes. Dominic Chambrone changed everything in sneakerheads' world with his customs; unique models reinvented from the major brands like Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, New Balance and many more. The Shoe Surgeon is a streetwear passionate who's been able to turn his hobby into an enviable career, becoming a worldwide famous artist. All productions take place in Los Angeles, in his "Surgeon Studios", where he holds lessons about customising techniques to few lucky shoes-obsessed guys. Dominic uses only premium materials, especially leather, and all his creations are made on demand only. Watch the interview above and let us know your comments in the comments below!