Here's a look at Marcelo Burlon County of Milan AW1617 backstage. The significant stylistic improvement takes inspiration from shamanic rituals and traditional symbols. Embroidered coats, vinyl pants and ritual patterns are splattered everywhere. Marcelo is not a designer, nor does he pretend to be. He is a cultural aggregator and his collections are proof of this. The new collection is still very much that of a streetwear brand and graphic tees and sweatshirts are the center of the stage, but, what is different, though, is the styling. Dreadlocks, tattoos, piercings, beaded necklaces and oversized hooped earrings adds to the collection a natural and traditional approach. Pictures below shot by Luca Ava #fashionstoriesunknown a_vrnts_marcelo_burlon_backstage_fw1617b_vrnts_marcelo_burlon_backstage_fw1617c_vrnts_marcelo_burlon_backstage_fw1617d_vrnts_marcelo_burlon_backstage_fw1617e_vrnts_marcelo_burlon_backstage_fw1617