After leaving the competition in the quarter-finals in 2016, Italy is finally on the top of Europe by winning the 2020 European Championships.

Coach Roberto Mancini has assembled the perfect team made up of both veterans and new recruits, leading them to win the competition after years in which the Italian national team has no longer excelled. Beginning a year late due to a pandemic, the Euro 2020 saw teams on paper as favorites leave the competition with a bad taste in their mouth. We are talking about Germany, or France who won the 2018 World Cup, the team that most of all was predestined to raise the cup. With a game based on singles and on never giving up - as Federico Chiesa - the Italian national team has beaten all opponents, including Turkey, Switzerland and Wales, going to penalties with Spain and ending the journey against England in Wembley, thanks to miraculous hands of Gigio Donnarumma. The goalkeeper then revealed to the microphones that he had not immediately realized he had won the European Championship, but only after his teammates went to hug him did he finally realize he had done something incredible. Gigio also won the award as the best player of the competition. This European was also characterized by bad events, such as the one in which the Danish footballer Eriksen collapsed to the ground due to a cardiac arrest, or even the rupture of the Achilles tendon of our Spinazzola, and also to the racist insults of the English fans to his players at the end of the competition.

You can find the best moments of this Euro 2020 below.


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