Last Saturday we had the pleasure to present Formy Studio pop up in our store in Civitanova Marche. “Hallucination Generation” by Domenico Formichetti is an homage to extreme creativity, paranormal visions and colorful trips into an immersive and parallel world. The Tye-Die treatment, symbol of DIY philosophy, blows up in a distressed denim suit, while a shiny nylon vest presents an unusal and “opiate” zip puller, while the iconic Bandana acts as a community glue. “Hallucination Generation” wants to suddenly activate your resting skills, facing the obstacles with a sharp and inventive prospective.

We also had a Q&A Instagram live moment with Domenico himself, talking about his collection, his inspirations and future projects. All have been surrounded by a DJ set and RedBull sponsorship that created delightful vibes for the public.

Have a look at the pics below and shop now Formy Studio at