An official trailer for Battlefield 1 is now out, today DICE has offered up its first look at the single-player gameplay from the World War I-set first-person shooter. While the 64-player firefights look incredible, DICE and EA aren’t skimping out on the game’s solo experience. As the developer itself puts it: "While our characters are at war, the stories in Battlefield 1 are personal. They’re about people rather than history or battles. The Great War is diverse. We knew we wanted to embrace that variety. There were so many different perspectives and characters in World War 1 and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible… In previous Battlefield iterations we’ve experienced the story through the eyes of one main character, and it was very rare that the camera cut anywhere. But in Battlefield 1 we decided we wanted stronger characters instead of just telling players “you are the character.” One way to do this was to invoke classic cinematics that lets you see your character more than in first-person-theater. We wanted the player to see and feel what the characters are going through, rather than just experiencing it from behind their eyes. That has really payed off for us not just in storytelling ability, but in emotional engagement." Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.