Here we are, the highly-anticipated Off-White™ Fall/Winter 2020/21 collection at Paris Fashion Week Men’s. Dubbed "TORNADO WARNING", the FW21 collection of Off White has explored this material as a leitmotif in some of the most powerful outfits that have passed through the runway.

The runway begins with a tip-tap exhibition touched under a huge crystal chandelier. The dancer's metal-reinforced shoes are an announcement of what we will see next, including a large number of classic shoes. The tornado alert that gives the title to the parade is perhaps perceived in the oversized double-breasted suits and in the sweaters all with holes, through portholes or wide embroidery that leave the skin uncovered and the dress "incomplete". Bomber jackets are accompanied by long-brimmed shirts, like tunics, which recall an outerwear that we thought was forgotten and that is definitely making its reappearance: the cape. Both the elegant and more decisive street looks are accompanied by soft and wide maxi palazzo pants almost like skirts. The very topical weather alert is also suggested on pleated sartorial shirts where the cartoon print of a non-slip signal appears, of those used by cleaning companies in the corridors that are wet.

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