Last Saturday Vrnts store had the pleasure to feature the GORE-TEX event in occasion of its new exclusive collection of tech garments.

It was the1969 when Bill Gore had the idea of promptly extending PTFE (aka polymers polytetrafluoroethylene) under extreme conditions, creating a water and windproof fabric destined to revolutionize both technical-sports clothing and everyday wear: GORE-TEX. Versatility and excellent weather protection have allowed it to become the privileged base for technical, military and outdoor clothing. No wonder that over the years GORE-TEX has been chosen for their products by the most diverse brands, including NASA, Stone Island, Nike, adidas and Supreme.

To celebrate GORE-TEX, the company joined forces with Paolo Scoppola, a multidisciplinary artist and expert in interactive video installations, who together with the creative agency Pescerosso tried to make the brand's message tangible to the public: Every day is a perfect day. More than just a claim, this phrase reminds you that GORE-TEX membrane does not fear any weather conditions and means to fully enjoy our life outdoors without any impediments. Scoppola has developed this concept in Meteomorphosis, “a visual and sensorial experience aimed at making the unparalleled characteristics of GORE-TEX tangible: impermeability, breathability and protection from the air, graphically reproduced on two giant screens that illustrate the different climatic conditions that we face daily ”.

NSS team supported us with media coverage, creating these incredible photos and video, while the delights of Spacedelicious TNT completed the event, satisfying the curiosity of the public. Have a look at the video and pics below. See you at next Vrnts store event!