Summer is here and after pools and beach, why not watching some good new film? In the next three months we will see a lot of sequels, spin offs, remakes and reboots. To name a few: Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But there will also be many new and original films and we have chosen 5 from the best of them. Have a look at these fresh upcoming movies and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!




The new film by Matteo Garrone is inspired by a story that probably reminds anyone in 1988 to have enough years to read a newspaper or understand what was being said on TV in Italy. The story is that of the murder committed by Pietro De Negri, known as "canaro della Magliana" because he owned a dog grooming activity in Magliana street. De Negri, frail and described as very reserved, had for years been harassed in various ways by former boxer Giancarlo Ricci: one day he attracted Ricci to his business and killed him and tortured him in various ways. But in the story there are many things not clear, also because the confession of De Negri was not considered completely reliable. The film is inspired by the story, it is not a detailed reconstruction.




Directed by Soderbergh, it was shot all with an iPhone: or rather, with many iPhones. It's about a woman, Claire Foy of "The Crown", persecuted on the internet by a stalker. When she tries to ask for help, they assume she's crazy and send her to a psychiatric hospital. In that hospital the stalker arrives, but nobody believes her. It is not clear, to watch the trailer, if he is really a stalker or if she is mad. Or both.




It's a horror that critics talk about very well. Produced by A24 (which also produced "The Witch" and "It comes at night"), tells the story of a woman who, after her death, occupies in various and disturbing ways the life of her daughter and her daughter's family. But it's a film of A24, so there's always something more than what you can get from the trailer. If you are sensitive, look at it in the light, with people around you.


Eighth grade


It is directed by Bo Burnham, who is 27 years old, and the protagonist is by Elsie Fisher, who is 13. She talks about a teenager in the last school week of last year before high school, and she seems to do it in a realistic way and not plasticky. This is also from A24 studio.


American Animals


It is a film about a robbery made by four students who decide to steal precious books from the university library. It is based on a true story.