Following Tesla’s recent announcement to move up to “Level 5” autonomous driving, the automaker has released a demo video of the Model S’ self-driving technology in action, displaying the complex features from the car’s point of view. Now, the company has released some additional footage, showing what the car itself sees as it drives without human input. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted the demonstration, which shows off a passenger sitting in the driver’s seat (who was required to be there by law) as the car navigated to its destination traffic, stop lights, and other road conditions before it parks itself. In addition to the view from the car’s interior, the video shows off what the car’s left rear, medium range, and right rear cameras are seeing.

A whirlwind of colours reveal just what the car is "seeing": lane lines and motion, as well as coloured boxes for "in path objects" such as road lights, objects and roadsigns. The car also observes its environmental surroundings to determine an ideal path so that the driver can be completely detached from the entire process. According to the company, the new cars will be fitted with an onboard computer with "40 times the computing power of the previous generation" to process the vision, sonar, and radar imagery the vehicle takes in. Take a look at the automobile’s impressive responsiveness in real time and let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.