With SSS World Corp Spring Summer 2020, Justin O'Shea presents a wardrobe for a specific segment of customers of totally self-confident and very conscious of their body. The soundtrack of "Ace of Spades" immediately get the guest into the authentic atmosphere of the runway, featuring 80s vibes and true Motörhead instinct. As O'Shea himself stated about Lemmy: "His ideology was very much in line with that of Triple S. It's like I'm going to whatever I want and whatever happens is fine and that's enough that it will be." The collection includes various shirts and Summer outfits, embellished by lapel sequins and piping borders, all finished by sartorial cuts and some branded prints. SSS World Corp Fall Winter 2019/20 is going to be released soon at vrnts.com. Discover more about runways and new collection in our Magazine.