Few weeks ago, Gosha Rubchinsky revealed PACCBET: his second brand dedicated to skate created together his close friend and skateboarder Tolia Titaev. The brand name itself (pronounced: Rassviet) translates from Russian to English as “sunrise”, or “dawn”. The video features the crew skateboarding in Moscow, including sick graphics and up to date visuals. Although Gosha’s work is often associated with the fashion world, PACCBET testifies to his genuine interest in urban subcultures. Speaking in an accompanying interview with Kingpin, Rubichinskiy spoke of his homeland. Read on to find out a little bit about how these two want to portray Russia and its skate scene to the wider world.

“We want to do our story about Russia. Try to show to the world from our side. Tell our story about skateboarding and show that it is a big culture here. And support young talented skaters.”

Skateboarding has long informed the designer’s work, and he again reiterated his appreciation for the subculture, adding:

“I was part of pop culture before me and I’m sure will be in future. Skateboarding is one of the last subcultures we have today. All my friends are skaters. So it is very natural for me to speak about it in my works. I don’t care about masses, I only do things I like.”

About future hopes for PACCBET?

“Our idea is to do PACCBET cheaper than the Gosha main line. We don’t want to separate consumers. But PACCBET is more about basics.”

Watch the promo video above and read the full interview, which also reveals further information on a new editorial with skaters Ben Kadow, Sean Pablo and Supreme, over at Kingpin. Have a look at the collection here and shop Gosha Rubchinskiy here.