The life of Marcelo Burlon


Directed by Mattia Colombo and written by Andrea Batilla, "Uninvited" shows the public and private portrait of Marcelo Burlon, one of the most innovative and controversial personalities in the current streetwear fashion scene. It is a documentary that, through the life and places of a young legend, manages to tell the system we live in all its layers, coming out from the generic idea we have of this world.

Burlon was born in Patagonia to Italian-Lebanese parents, and in the nineties he moved to Italy with his family. At that time he lived the most diverse experiences and began to take his first steps in the fashion world. Today its holding company has a millionaire turnover and thanks to a brilliant spirit and an amazing communicative ability, Marcelo has established himself as the representative of a new generation of creative directors, able to tell the public a story that passionate.

Find this movie tonight at Anteo Spazio Cinema - Milan at 9.40 PM and MultiAstra Cinema in Padua at 9PM or tomorrow at San Marco Cinema in Bergamo at 9PM.

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