Plastic has reached all corners of the planet. The data is catastrophic: 5 billion bags every year, 25 tons of waste every month, 1 million bottles every day.

Those who, thanks to plastic, created an empire of it, are now moving more than ever towards the only possible and feasible direction for a better world. We are talking about Lego, which has been developing its first iconic brick for 3 years now, but this time it is eco-sustainable. But in what sense?

Already in 2018 the company most loved by children (and not only) gathered a team of 150 specialists who were exclusively involved in creating a brick that is identical in all respects to what we know, but using the scraps of PET plastic bottles. The challenge was difficult, they should look for recycled materials that quality and safety useful for this purpose. Finally, after 3 years, Lego has succeeded in its intent, specifying however that the road is still long before it can be marketed and seen on the shelves of the best stores around the world. To achieve this, the company has subjected the bricks to various tests such as durability, impact resistance and precision in joining other pieces.

Tim Brooks, the LEGO Group's Vice President of Environmental Responsibility, is thrilled with the work done, which shows the big step forward the company has made and keep doing.



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