Karl Lagerfeld dies at the age of 85, one of the most important and appreciated fashion designer of our era and Chanel's creative director for last 35 years. Lagerfeld was considered by many the most iconic personalities of the sector in the last decades, but he had a transversal and in some ways legendary popularity: with his white hair and dark glasses, he was one of the most recognizable figures in the fashion world. He was also creative director of the Italian company Fendi, and had founded an eponymous fashion house. The causes of his death have not yet been disclosed, but Chanel has confirmed the sad news.

Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1933, but spent most of his life in Paris where he moved as a teenager and in 1954 he took part in a local design competition winning in the category of coats. Lagerfeld started working in fashion as an assistant to fashion designer Pierre Balmain in 1955, and then found the first fortunes in the Chloé house. In 1965 he began his collaboration with Fendi, and reached the real popularity since the 80s, when he assumed the artistic direction of Chanel. Lagerfeld was a flashy and eccentric character even by the standards of fashion, with a reputation and image comparable to that of a rockstar. Always considered as one of the most prolific stylists, still in recent years, he worked constantly on the designs of his company's clothes, and called himself a "worker" of fashion. His artistic talent always supported entrepreneurial skills and great ability to adapt year after year to changes in fashion and society.

Among other things, Lagerfeld is remembered for the majestic and opulent Chanel parades organized at the Grand Palais in Paris, imposing manifestations that came out of the more traditional worldly confines of the fashion shows and presented themselves more as artistic performances. He was also among the first important designers to open up to the phenomenon of the so-called "fast fashion", creating a collection with H&M already in 2004, before anyone else.