Thread Studio is a new and interactive way of testing out t-shirt designs. It transports you into a virtual photo studio where you can upload designs and lay them out on mannequins. When you’re happy with how your shirts look, the app can save print-ready files that can be sent to the print-on-demand provider, Printful. Unlike online shirt customizers that just overlay your image on a 2D photo of a shirt, Thread Studio uses 3D shirts modelled to real proportions, so what you see in VR is what you will get in real life. And it’s not just shirts. You can even view what your design/logo/brand looks like on a variety of other merchandise. But there’s more! What good is a photo studio if you can’t take photos? And what good is taking photos if you can’t dress up your models and put them into all sorts of crazy poses? At times you could forget all about the t-shirt designing part, and just spend all of your time putting mannequins in the craziest of poses.

As far as we can tell, it’s one of the first VR applications where you have fine control over the pose of a character. Thread Studio is a prime example of how VR can be a tool to help merchants conceptualize and bring their products to life and is available for free at Steam.