In a not too far future we'll 3D print our hyperealistic bones made of hydroxiapatite, a biodegradable polymer that could be found in human bones and teeth. Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a 3D printable material to produce a synthetic bone substance that will be especially effective in the treatment of bone defects and injuries in children, according to a press release from Northwestern University. “Adults have more options when it comes to implants,” said the lead researcher, Ramille N. Shah, in the release. “Pediatric patients do not. If you give them a permanent implant, you have to do more surgeries in the future as they grow.” Unlike traditional bone implantation surgeries, the synthetic material that these researchers have developed can be customized to the patient. With Shah's material, physicians would be able to scan the patient's body to create a custom bone that can later be trimmed or reshaped during the implantation procedure.

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