Streetwear Zar Gosha Rubchinskiy took to the closest ambient in Florence to Soviet-era architecture, an abandoned tobacco factory built in the ’30s, for his last presentation. Most of the building was derelict, the show staged in a courtyard bordered by stained concrete and smashed windows. Gosha inevitably incorporated elements of Italy in this latest collection, with sporty pieces emblazoned with Italian streetwear brands of a decade or two ago, including the likes of FILA, Kappa and Sergio Tacchini. But for the first time he added some tailored piece inspired by 80's bestsellers from Armani collections. That’s something you never expected of Gosha and it was certainly something he’d never shown before. About the Fall Winter collection, Rubchinskiy cited the end of a cycle, and the beginning of something new. Perhaps that means a move away from his usual stomping ground, both creatively and physically. The shift to Florence seems to have shifted his creativity.




Photo: Umberto Fratini /